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Pros & Cons of Plantation Shutters

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Thinking about Plantation Shutters for your home but aren't sure they're the right window covering solution?

No matter what type of window treatments you're drawn to, they're an investment you want to get right. Plantation Shutters are one of the longest-lasting shutter styles which offer plenty of benefits but they're also not the right solution for everyone.

Take a look at the following information from our experts at Blind Designs of Illinois about the Pros & Cons of Plantation Shutters so you can figure out if they're the right choice for you.


Adds Value To Your Home

One of the main reasons people choose Plantation Shutters over the cheap mass-produced brands is the timeless quality they bring to a home. No matter what brand you choose, shutters are an investment that you want to last, and the Plantation Shutter is the style which delivers the most value.

The Aesthetic Quality

Plantation Shutters most definitely raise the aesthetic quality of any room, bringing your home a true custom look. They have a timeless, hand-crafted Southern style that you won't find with any other window treatment.

Can Be Customized Further

Wooden Plantation Shutters can be further customized with your choice of finish. They're available in a wide range of durable stain and paint finishes to match the interior design style of your home.

Additionally, this type of shutter can be custom fit as fixed panels to cover wide expanses of fixed glass or large window openings. They can also be custom cut to fit French doors and specialty shaped windows.

Wooden Plantation Shutters Are Insulating

Installing wooden Plantation Shutters on your windows will help to insulate the area. Wood absorbs heat and is a natural insulator.

Hardwood Plantation Shutters Are Made To Last

The hardwood Plantation Shutters in basswood or poplar make them very durable. Well-made brands are constructed with dovetail corners and other traditional woodworking techniques to make them last.

LTD Lifetime Warranty For Well-Made Plantation Shutter Brands

Whether you're going for faux-wood plantation shutters or hardwood, may brands come with an LTD Lifetime Warranty. You can't get that type of warranty with mass produced shutters.

Faux-Wood Plantation Shutters Resist Moisture & UV Light Damage

We just mentioned the good warranties you can get with Plantation Shutters. Color fading from UV light damage and moisture are two of the most destructive elements to shutters. The faux-wood Plantation Shutters we sell are guaranteed never to warp, crack, fade, chip, peel or discolor, regardless of extreme heat or moisture.


Plantation Shutters May Not Be Affordable For All

Plantation Shutters are custom made so they may not be affordable for all. However, you can get them for deeply discounted prices if you look for a custom shutter company like us in Chicago. When comparing prices, be sure to consider whether or not you're also paying for window measuring and installation. We measure and install free.

Not All Plantation Shutter Brands Have Been Updated

Some brands don't have an updated style, making your home look decades older than it is. A good Plantation Shutter brand is one that has been updated with clean lines, flush headers, and modern operating systems such as hidden-tilt louvers which increase the contemporary style of the shutter.

The Easy Maintenance Needs To Be Done Regularly

Plantation Shutters don't need a complicated cleaning process, but they do need it to be done regularly. The regular dusting and damp-cloth washing they require can be too much for some people.

Plantation Shutters Are Always There

Shutters don't hide from site like other window treatments, they're always highly visible. With blinds or shades, you can move them out of the way or hide them by raising them all the way up.

You Can't Put Furniture In Front Of Them

If you like to put furniture near the windows, shutters probably aren't the right window treatment for you. You can't put furniture directly in front of Plantation Shutters if you want to open the doors.

They Usually Take Longer To Get

Since Plantation Shutters are handcrafted to the exact measurements of the opening and the specifications necessary for a custom fit, they do usually take longer to get after you order them. They can take longer, anywhere from 6-8 weeks to make.

If you're looking for a professional shutter company in the Chicago area, please call us today at 708-389-9965 or complete our online request form.