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Frequently Asked Questions About Shutters & Window Blinds

The main difference between wood shutters and wood blinds is how they operate. Shutters are hinged on the side to open and close and blinds are fixed at the top of the window to open and close. As far as quality, all of our wood shutters and wooden blinds are made of the finest wood species which will offer you decades of beauty and durability.

Do You Measure My Windows If I Decide To Buy Shutters From You?

Yes! We measure your windows when you choose our shutters or other window treatments. This is the best way to get a custom fit and ensure the products are made to the exact measurements of your windows.

What's The Best Way To Clean My Woven Shades?

Whether you have fabric woven shades or woven wood shades, it's important to be careful how you clean them or the material can get damaged. The best way to clean woven shades is to keep them vacuumed so the dust doesn't accumulate between the weaves.

A soft cloth dampened with water only can be used to wipe woven wood shades down, but don't use too much water on the cloth and be sure to dry them with a dry soft cloth afterward. Fabric woven shades should be dry cleaned.

Do You Have Window Treatments To Cover Large Openings?

Yes, we have many different shutters, blinds, and shades that can fit large openings. If you have large expanses of fixed glass windows, we can match the style of the window treatments you want for the rest of the windows. Our rolling shades are perfect for patio openings and other areas around the house where you want some privacy and shade!

Can I Put Shutters On French Doors?

Custom shutters can be installed on French Doors because they're custom made to fit. Our window treatment design specialist will make sure your custom shutters are measured to fit the door handles on your French Doors and that the shutters are secure at the bottom so they don't flap around when you open and close the doors. These shutters aren't hinged on the sides like window shutters but the louvers do move.

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